Looking for an iron backyard fire pit. Thanks!
King Size bed frame needed. Willing to travel to get.
I'm teaching a high school medical class, and most of my students want to be nurses or doctors. I thought it would be really cool for them to practice by playing operation!
Looking for colored copy paper to print out my class assignments and worksheets. My students love all the different colors! Any colors welcomed!!!!
Need old plastic or metal slat venetian blinds to make plant marking tags for charity plant sales. Dirty, paint covered ok! West of Richmond, please.
I am looking for a wooden table that has folding legs. The Respite program at SHC needs a table for their microwave, coffee machine and accessories, and other items in their dining are. If you have a table please contact me, I have a small car, so I may need some help delivering it to the location.
Wooden pallets and other pieces of wood are what I m looking for. I m not looking for the blue pallets just regular wooden ones
Looking for pack and plays, high chairs, bouncy seats, toy's for inside anything that can be used for child care. Owner of business opening childcare for his employees and customer's. I can pickup all items. Thanks
I'm looking for any stringed instruments (violin/viola/cello/etc) that might be in need work. I am learning instrument repair and the finished instruments are donated to my school for more kids to learn instruments. If you have something that needs some attention please let me know. Working instruments are gladly accepted too.
Looking to expand my collection of games from the following systems: NES, SNES, Sega, any PS, or any XBOX. Old consoles are appreciated too!
I m in need of tax software like TurboTax, tax act or hr block software for 2015
I love my Keurig but its about to bite the dust. It takes about 6 cycles to brew a cup of coffee. Someone was so kind to give me this one about 4 years ago. Thanks so much
I am in need of window glazing before winter hits. Need to seal old wooden window panes. Anything you have left over would be greatly appreciated. Also need outdoor white paint/primer.
Outdoor paint/primer. White.
Electric weed eater/trimmer.
Any insulation to complete knee wall and attic area before winter.
Interested in a rolling office chair, arms not necessary! Just need it to raise up so i can see over my students
My niece is in the 3rd grade and wants to get in band. She wants to play the Flute or Clarinet but mom is refusing to purchase. Trying to find either because she s crushed.
Need medium and large moving boxes as well as packing paper.
Lookimg for a women's Halloween costume, size large/xl thank you !
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